Week 14 – Autopilot

We’ve all done it…. right?

Driving to a new destination, but using a familiar route, your mind wanders for a moment, and suddenly you find yourself on your way home, to the kids school, or on your way to work… not to the new restaurant you were trying to find.  That’s the ‘bad’ autopilot.  I recently got to experience a ‘good’ kind of autopilot.

Silence is our friend and I’ve recently discovered how much.  I have always done a lot of driving and I’m quite happy to leave the radio off.  Recently I’ve begun listening to Hannel or my own recordings when I’m alone and driving.  More frequently now, especially on short trips, I’ll just leave everything off, go through my affirmations (do it now, I can Be…, I am Whole…), 7-Laws, G+R, then just crawl into my DMP.  On a recent 8 hour drive, between Virginia Beach and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I must have spent a solid 6 hours “living” in my DMP.

Amazing!  Both in how fast it makes the trip go and how much detail you can add when it’s the place that your mind wanders to.  Something is definitely getting through to my ‘subby’.  Every color and shape around me brings me back to some part of my DMP.  Everything that happens on the road gives me another reason to express gratitude or practice some other trait of my “whole, perfect,…” future self.

Law of dual thought – “Ugh… what a long drive, but I’ll be in my DMP, YAY!”

Law of substitution – Car cuts you off….back to your DMP


Wow!  What a great trip this is!  I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine.



Week 13 – GRATITUDE!!!!!

I am GRATEFUL!  More grateful than you can possibly imagine.  Well… No.  Those of you with kids will understand exactly how grateful I am.

Gratitude comes in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes it takes a few moments for it to dawn on you.

Imagine, if you will, enjoying the day by taking your kids (in my case, 3 of my 4 kids and a family friend) hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains.  Late December, a beautiful, unseasonably warm day.  After an hour’s drive Up into the mountains, you find your first place to hike, an easy 1-mile loop.  after a beautiful walk along the river you return to your vehicle and move to your next planned stop, a 4-mile loop featuring a waterfall starting at the visitors center.

The parking lot is crowded when you arrive, but you find a place to park.  Pile your herd out and get them moving along the path.  Up and down hill, across rivers, via bridges and logs, past ancient log cabins to the waterfall that was one of the objectives of your trip.  a couple of hours later you return to your vehicle, tired, but happy.  As everyone buckles-up, I take a moment to say silent thank you.  I am grateful for the wonderful day we have had together.  I pull out of the parking space, making my way to the exit and the long downhill ride back home.  As I slow down for the car waiting to exit in front of me, my brake pedal goes all the way to the floor!!!!

Barely getting the car stopped in time, I manage to avoid hitting the SUV in front of me.  I turn back into the lot and get my car stopped in a safe place.  I get out and walk around my car and see brake fluid pooling by the right front tire.  I look under the car and see the brake line broken in the middle.  Great…. UGH!  I pull out my cell phone to call AAA to get my car towed…. no signal… Perfect!  I tell the kids what’s happening, then start walking toward the visitors center, which is about to close, to use their phone.  PERFECT….YES really Perfect!

A wave of gratitude rolls over me… “THANK YOU!” I say to the universe. Thank you!  Thank you!!  Thank You!!!  Thank you for WHEN the line broke!  How it broke in the parking lot while I was moving at 5-10 miles an hour, and not when I was going down hill trying to brake at 55 miles an hour, I’ll never know, but I will be eternally grateful for WHEN it did happen.

Happy ending… My sister came up and got the kids, she lives an hour away.  While I waited 6-hours for the tow truck to arrive, I must have looked to the sky and said “THANK YOU!” at least a thousand times.

Week 12 – The doer will appear

Wow!  So many…..

Excuses, people to see, blessings, kindnesses, shortfalls, things to do, assignments, jobs, places to go, duties, distractions, services, circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares….

So much….

Color (red, blue, green, and yellow), generosity, gratitude, potential, focus, imagination, clarity, precision, thought, creativity, connection, and LOVE.  Always lots of love.

I can see it all…. clearly!  So clearly, in fact, that every time I look, I see another detail.  The journey is real and I’m on it.  I know that I am, because every time there is a silence in the ‘day-to-day’, I’m right back in the middle of my DMP.  Doing, teaching, helping, sharing….

I have reached out and made contact with someone who may help me achieve a major part of my DMP.  The end result will be years down the road, but he is willing to join me.  The journey IS the result I am seeking, so just being on the journey is another success.  The details that I am seeing are simply additional reminders that my current DMP is really only a grand stepping stone to expanding my life of service.

Thank you all for helping me get this far.  I might have never reached out, thinking that my dreams were too big or foolish, but now actually connected with an expert, who wants to help me succeed…. wow!

The universe is a wonderful and powerful thing.

Week 11 – Faith, can be a little Scary

Aaahhhh….. Those nasty ‘Old Blueprints’.  We had a lot of faith in those old blueprints.  In fact, those old blueprints told us everything we needed to know, right?  To get where and what we wanted, we needed to get it from somewhere else.  The effect we wanted had to come from someone else’s effect.  We didn’t have any, or at least very little, control over the outcome.  Peaceful, isn’t it?  The total lack of responsibility for our lives.  It’s like being one of the sheep, doing the same thing everyone else is doing.  Misery loves company, right?

So now we are trying to have some faith in ourselves.  We are being asked to let go of the old and embrace the control of our own lives that is available to us, simply by asking for it then having the faith to see it happen.  So easy to let go of faith and fall back into old patterns.  Then comes the realization that “I’m doing it again” and having to start over again.  Our faith will sustain us, but only as long as we sustain our faith.  That means constant work, constant vigilance, otherwise we are likely to be pulled right back in to someone else’s effects or our old blueprint.

Trust me in this, I know from experience.  While it is never too late to ‘start-over’, it is always a good deal more difficult than continuing the effort you have already put forth.  Think of it as climbing a hill.  Your BLISS awaits you on the top.  After you have climbed 1/3 of the way up, you realize how easy it would be to go back down (old blueprint, going with the crowd, joining the sheep), after all, you can start again tomorrow, right?  Starting tomorrow, and tomorrow after that, and so on ‘ad nauseum’ can get you there, IF you go farther every time.  While making the steady climb only once will get you there much faster and with much less total effort, regardless of how difficult it might seem at the time.

I have been “in the best shape of my life” many times and I have been completely out of shape just as many times.  I cannot begin to imagine the physical shape I would be in right now, if all the effort I devoted to ‘starting over’ had simply been applied to maintenance and improvement.

Let go of the old, let go of the stereotypes, let go of the labels and have faith that by walking YOUR path, you will create YOUR BLISS.  You can’t do this by basing you life on a group mentality.  There are only a few possibilities of existence:  1. You live as part of a group, subservient to someone else’s plan.  (you are a sheep)  2.  You lead the group, forcing others to live by your plan (you are a Sheepdog)  3. You are an individual living by you own plan (you choose what you are; Lion, Eagle, Explorer…)

On one path, there is a Red Hot Kettle on the fire.  It’s filled with your old blueprints and stereotypes. It’s close by, smells so familiar, and is easy to get to.  On the other path, a huge bush filled with blackberries of your greatest dreams and desires, but you have to climb a difficult path to get to it.  It’s scary, but manageable.  Your are the Bear happening by….. the choice is yours, “hug the kettle” or “have faith that you’ll reach the blackberry bush.

Either way, enjoy your meal.

Week 10 – Here IS There!

…..PARTS!   The hangar is full of parts.  Wings, fuselage, wheels, motor, canopy, propeller, electronics and electrical wiring all distributed neatly around the hangar, just waiting for me to put them together.

As I look around, I find the instruction manual, titled “Synergy Assembly – Your Master Keys to Flight”.  Turns out that as far as I thought I’d come, As much as I thought I’d learned, my goal was was not yet in sight, or was it?

So what should I do?  Should I give up?  I could look at all those parts on the floor and admit defeat; or I could continue to see all those parts, as I had always seen them, together, gracefully cutting across the sky, a marvel of beauty, innovation and efficiency, with me at the controls.

I had learned enough over these past weeks to know that “giving-up” and “defeat” were no longer even part of my vocabulary.  PERSISTENCE PAYS!  I found that in the assembly manual.  So I guess it’s time, time to buckle down and get to work.  As I read through the manual and look at the parts, trying to find the place to BEGIN …. again, an epiphany gets through to my brain, which was feeling rather dull at that moment…..

I had made it!  I had succeeded!  My original goal had been to get “from here to there”, to find the runway.  I had done more than that.  I had reached the runway, found the hangar, opened the door and stepped inside.  Along the way, I had even managed to help a few people.  Something simple, just pointing a way for them, but I had succeeded!  It is time to celebrate, because even a small victory, is still a victory. Success breeds success.  I’m on the winners path and that is where I will stay.

My path IS the goal.  My bliss is the goal.  Here is there.  When I started, I was “here” and I thought that I wanted to find the runway, which was “there”.  So I arrived “there”, but now I’m “here”.  As it turns out, “HERE” is the path, and every “THERE” that you reach along the way is simply another reason for you to celebrate your success.  A goal accomplished.

As I sit on the floor of the hangar, I realize that my next “there” sits 10 feet away.  I will arrive “there” when the landing gear is on the fuselage…and I will celebrate another success!

I hope each of you is celebrating along your path too.

Week 9 – I found the Runway!

It’s a journey.  It’s an adventure!  It’s a learning experience!

I did it!  I found the hole in the brush… that led me to the game trail… that led me to the path… that led me to the road…. that got me to the runway.   Now all I have to do is open up the hangar, start up my Synergy, and FLY!

As I start walking the length of the runway, I think about this incredible journey.  Where I started, how far I’ve come, everything I’ve learned and the peace I’ve found along the way.

Don’t  get me wrong, it wasn’t a straight line I walked.  I went the wrong way several times (old Blueprint) and had to backtrack to try and find my way again.  It was a lot of work to get this far.  Un-learning old truths, fighting to accept the new ones.  As I walk up to the hangar door, I realize that it was all soooooooo worth it.

Smiling like a champion who, rounding the final turn, knows that he has won the race, I pull back the door and find……….

Week 8 – Focusing on the Good

Does anyone else see it this way?  For me this entire course is about FOCUS.  The ‘Magnifying Glass’ analogy really brought it home for me, but the intensity of the light isn’t the only thing we are focusing.  It’s our job to focus the color of the light as well.

Do we focus on the light-positive-good side of everything?  Or do we focus on the lack-want-need side of everything?  The best part is… It’s all a choice!  A choice WE get to make.  This is nothing new.  We have  all known this for WEEKS now, but every lesson makes it more clear, brings it more into FOCUS.

A half-second of “Why did you cut-me-off?” is instantly replaced with “I’m not in that big of a rush.  Thank you for teaching me patience.”… and I actually feel better.

Gratitude now accompanies the Red Lights between me and my destination, both for bringing my DMP back to the front of my mind (Red Circle) and for the extra time I have with my loved ones, when they are with me.

Loving that toxic personality that I mentioned a month ago, as a misbehaving child, and letting go of his behavior, actually worked.  The latest situation with him completely dissolved.

My whole world is just BETTER.

Peace, Love, and FOCUS to you all.

Week 7 – “Visualization”… Remembering my future

Early on (week 1 or 2) I talked about how my DMP seemed like it was more like remembering something that had already happened, rather than planning my future.  This is probably because for so much of my life this had really been my plan, but it had lacked true clarity.

Every week now, I see my future unfolding more clearly.  Every week I see more places that Red-Circles, Blue-Rectangles, Green-Triangles, and Yellow-Squares are taking me.  I’m only now beginning to realize how ‘unclear’ my previous thoughts of my future had been.  No wonder I never seemed to get any closer to it.

I’m looking forward to the journey now, more than the destination, since every week I see more of the journey unfolding before me.


PS  I have been dealing with a family crisis for the last month and that is why I’m now trying to catch-up with posting my own blogs.  I have been trying to read and comment (when needed) on yours.  Thank you for your understanding.

You have to find the runway, before you can get off the ground