Week-3 Late, but not letting it go

“One of those weeks, just let it go”.  That was my old blueprint talking.  Yes, it’s true I did have multiple 12 hour plus work days, legal matters to attend to, and family responsibilities, but dammit, this is important!

But lets look at those….(yes I can say it now)…..old blueprint excuses.  The 12+hours at work, do I need to do it?  For a little while longer the answer is YES.  I’m an independent security and counter-terrorism specialist, so I work when (and where) the work is available.  Other opportunities are out there, though “I must practice the art of patience, for nature acts never in haste.”

The legal matters were just something that needed to be dealt with, finished, and put behind me.  DONE and DONE!!!  Joyous over the completion of that “Service”, even if it wasn’t on my service card.  Seriously, it had been hanging around for literally years.  I guess “Do it now!” got me doing it.

Time with my kids is my happy time, responsibility or not.  Shopping and other errands with my boys, taking my youngest daughter to dance, going to a movie with my older daughter, yes, it cost me hours, but that time is not negotiable.  Now I seem to be spending more of my time with them talking about this Master Keys journey I’m on.  I’m hoping to get some of them started on theirs next year.  It would be nice for them to enjoy a 30+ year head-start on creating their ideal life.  “When we Know better, we Do better”

So week-3 with the Master Keys was interesting for me, if somewhat time-constrained.  I realized that I needed to (obsessed over really) add an additional component to my DMP.  Over the course of the edits, trying to keep it under 400 words, I realized that i had lost something.  A great deal of the feeling I experienced had disappeared.  I noticed that, while my DMP supported my PPNs, the vast majority of it came close, but missed the target.

I want FREEDOM.  Not just for myself, but for everyone.  Free minds, freedom of thought, freedom of action.  So that’s the piece I was missing.  I put it in this week.  I bought a URL  And my week-4 service will find me trying to spread freedom to anyone willing to open their mind to the possibility.

Guess what?  The FEELING is back and it’s AWESOME!!!!!

Spartan Super Finisher


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