Week-6 Following My Compass


Week 6 has been AWESOME!  I am the “Olive Tree” again.  Lots going on, but managing to keep up… mostly.  My DMP Movie Poster isn’t quite finished yet.  My 12 year-old daughter wants to help me put it together and her dance schedule has been holding that up a bit.  I have my pictures and shapes ready to go, so after she gets home from school today, we get to “Do It Now!”

Following my own compass is easy, I actually owned one already.  Land Navigation is one of the courses I teach.  Trying to pay less attention to the watch is a little more difficult, too many years of living by it, I suppose.

I’m managing to keep most of my opinions to myself.  I am really starting to realize how many REALLY OPINIONATED people are out there.  I’m not ‘chiming-in’ very often when one of my friends starts.  I usually end it with a smile or nod of acknowledgement that I actually heard him and just didn’t respond.

Easier to love difficult people this week, even personalities that seemed intent on stealing my bliss.  I’m finding it much easier to be thankful, grateful for …… well, just about everything.  If traffic slows me down on the way to my daughter’s dance class, I’m grateful for the extra time that I have with her.  If red lights stop me in my travels, I’m thankful for the red circle that reminds me of my PPN, DMP, Services, and everything else helping to keep me on track.  I’m even grateful for the negative thoughts that pop into my head (much less frequently now), since it gives me a chance to practice attaching a different feeling to it or entirely replacing it with a positive thought, usually DMP or Family related.

The coolest thing this week… Talking about the course and my DMP with my 19 year old son.  He can see and feel my excitement.  He gets excited right along with me and he wants to do the course next year.  I will be thrilled when each of my kids have gone through it.  I want them all to have that 30+ year head-start, compared to my start, on finding their bliss.  If I’m lucky, my 3 eldest will all do it next year, with my youngest following a few years later.

I’ve been chatting with the “guy in the glass”, we seem to be getting along.  The more I talk to him, the more certain I am that we will become fast friends.  Real friends call you on it, if you are falling short somewhere and he is always happy to do that for me.  I’m certain that he will help keep me on track too.



4 thoughts on “Week-6 Following My Compass”

  1. This is the most inspirational blog I have read this week and I can see you are really on fire! You have shared your experiences with your family and that’s the biggest gift in the world. I look forward to hearing more! My gal in the glass is not my best friend yet, but I am determined that she will love me and I will love her!


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