Week 7 – “Visualization”… Remembering my future

Early on (week 1 or 2) I talked about how my DMP seemed like it was more like remembering something that had already happened, rather than planning my future.  This is probably because for so much of my life this had really been my plan, but it had lacked true clarity.

Every week now, I see my future unfolding more clearly.  Every week I see more places that Red-Circles, Blue-Rectangles, Green-Triangles, and Yellow-Squares are taking me.  I’m only now beginning to realize how ‘unclear’ my previous thoughts of my future had been.  No wonder I never seemed to get any closer to it.

I’m looking forward to the journey now, more than the destination, since every week I see more of the journey unfolding before me.


PS  I have been dealing with a family crisis for the last month and that is why I’m now trying to catch-up with posting my own blogs.  I have been trying to read and comment (when needed) on yours.  Thank you for your understanding.


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