Week 8 – Focusing on the Good

Does anyone else see it this way?  For me this entire course is about FOCUS.  The ‘Magnifying Glass’ analogy really brought it home for me, but the intensity of the light isn’t the only thing we are focusing.  It’s our job to focus the color of the light as well.

Do we focus on the light-positive-good side of everything?  Or do we focus on the lack-want-need side of everything?  The best part is… It’s all a choice!  A choice WE get to make.  This is nothing new.  We have  all known this for WEEKS now, but every lesson makes it more clear, brings it more into FOCUS.

A half-second of “Why did you cut-me-off?” is instantly replaced with “I’m not in that big of a rush.  Thank you for teaching me patience.”… and I actually feel better.

Gratitude now accompanies the Red Lights between me and my destination, both for bringing my DMP back to the front of my mind (Red Circle) and for the extra time I have with my loved ones, when they are with me.

Loving that toxic personality that I mentioned a month ago, as a misbehaving child, and letting go of his behavior, actually worked.  The latest situation with him completely dissolved.

My whole world is just BETTER.

Peace, Love, and FOCUS to you all.


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