Week 10 – Here IS There!

…..PARTS!   The hangar is full of parts.  Wings, fuselage, wheels, motor, canopy, propeller, electronics and electrical wiring all distributed neatly around the hangar, just waiting for me to put them together.

As I look around, I find the instruction manual, titled “Synergy Assembly – Your Master Keys to Flight”.  Turns out that as far as I thought I’d come, As much as I thought I’d learned, my goal was was not yet in sight, or was it?

So what should I do?  Should I give up?  I could look at all those parts on the floor and admit defeat; or I could continue to see all those parts, as I had always seen them, together, gracefully cutting across the sky, a marvel of beauty, innovation and efficiency, with me at the controls.

I had learned enough over these past weeks to know that “giving-up” and “defeat” were no longer even part of my vocabulary.  PERSISTENCE PAYS!  I found that in the assembly manual.  So I guess it’s time, time to buckle down and get to work.  As I read through the manual and look at the parts, trying to find the place to BEGIN …. again, an epiphany gets through to my brain, which was feeling rather dull at that moment…..

I had made it!  I had succeeded!  My original goal had been to get “from here to there”, to find the runway.  I had done more than that.  I had reached the runway, found the hangar, opened the door and stepped inside.  Along the way, I had even managed to help a few people.  Something simple, just pointing a way for them, but I had succeeded!  It is time to celebrate, because even a small victory, is still a victory. Success breeds success.  I’m on the winners path and that is where I will stay.

My path IS the goal.  My bliss is the goal.  Here is there.  When I started, I was “here” and I thought that I wanted to find the runway, which was “there”.  So I arrived “there”, but now I’m “here”.  As it turns out, “HERE” is the path, and every “THERE” that you reach along the way is simply another reason for you to celebrate your success.  A goal accomplished.

As I sit on the floor of the hangar, I realize that my next “there” sits 10 feet away.  I will arrive “there” when the landing gear is on the fuselage…and I will celebrate another success!

I hope each of you is celebrating along your path too.


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