Week 11 – Faith, can be a little Scary

Aaahhhh….. Those nasty ‘Old Blueprints’.  We had a lot of faith in those old blueprints.  In fact, those old blueprints told us everything we needed to know, right?  To get where and what we wanted, we needed to get it from somewhere else.  The effect we wanted had to come from someone else’s effect.  We didn’t have any, or at least very little, control over the outcome.  Peaceful, isn’t it?  The total lack of responsibility for our lives.  It’s like being one of the sheep, doing the same thing everyone else is doing.  Misery loves company, right?

So now we are trying to have some faith in ourselves.  We are being asked to let go of the old and embrace the control of our own lives that is available to us, simply by asking for it then having the faith to see it happen.  So easy to let go of faith and fall back into old patterns.  Then comes the realization that “I’m doing it again” and having to start over again.  Our faith will sustain us, but only as long as we sustain our faith.  That means constant work, constant vigilance, otherwise we are likely to be pulled right back in to someone else’s effects or our old blueprint.

Trust me in this, I know from experience.  While it is never too late to ‘start-over’, it is always a good deal more difficult than continuing the effort you have already put forth.  Think of it as climbing a hill.  Your BLISS awaits you on the top.  After you have climbed 1/3 of the way up, you realize how easy it would be to go back down (old blueprint, going with the crowd, joining the sheep), after all, you can start again tomorrow, right?  Starting tomorrow, and tomorrow after that, and so on ‘ad nauseum’ can get you there, IF you go farther every time.  While making the steady climb only once will get you there much faster and with much less total effort, regardless of how difficult it might seem at the time.

I have been “in the best shape of my life” many times and I have been completely out of shape just as many times.  I cannot begin to imagine the physical shape I would be in right now, if all the effort I devoted to ‘starting over’ had simply been applied to maintenance and improvement.

Let go of the old, let go of the stereotypes, let go of the labels and have faith that by walking YOUR path, you will create YOUR BLISS.  You can’t do this by basing you life on a group mentality.  There are only a few possibilities of existence:  1. You live as part of a group, subservient to someone else’s plan.  (you are a sheep)  2.  You lead the group, forcing others to live by your plan (you are a Sheepdog)  3. You are an individual living by you own plan (you choose what you are; Lion, Eagle, Explorer…)

On one path, there is a Red Hot Kettle on the fire.  It’s filled with your old blueprints and stereotypes. It’s close by, smells so familiar, and is easy to get to.  On the other path, a huge bush filled with blackberries of your greatest dreams and desires, but you have to climb a difficult path to get to it.  It’s scary, but manageable.  Your are the Bear happening by….. the choice is yours, “hug the kettle” or “have faith that you’ll reach the blackberry bush.

Either way, enjoy your meal.


3 thoughts on “Week 11 – Faith, can be a little Scary”

  1. So true, the old past pulls hard, excellent posts but you are on the way to getting that plane together and then the view will be incredible, no one ever fell to the top of a mountain, good job, thanks


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