Week 12 – The doer will appear

Wow!  So many…..

Excuses, people to see, blessings, kindnesses, shortfalls, things to do, assignments, jobs, places to go, duties, distractions, services, circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares….

So much….

Color (red, blue, green, and yellow), generosity, gratitude, potential, focus, imagination, clarity, precision, thought, creativity, connection, and LOVE.  Always lots of love.

I can see it all…. clearly!  So clearly, in fact, that every time I look, I see another detail.  The journey is real and I’m on it.  I know that I am, because every time there is a silence in the ‘day-to-day’, I’m right back in the middle of my DMP.  Doing, teaching, helping, sharing….

I have reached out and made contact with someone who may help me achieve a major part of my DMP.  The end result will be years down the road, but he is willing to join me.  The journey IS the result I am seeking, so just being on the journey is another success.  The details that I am seeing are simply additional reminders that my current DMP is really only a grand stepping stone to expanding my life of service.

Thank you all for helping me get this far.  I might have never reached out, thinking that my dreams were too big or foolish, but now actually connected with an expert, who wants to help me succeed…. wow!

The universe is a wonderful and powerful thing.


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