Week 14 – Autopilot

We’ve all done it…. right?

Driving to a new destination, but using a familiar route, your mind wanders for a moment, and suddenly you find yourself on your way home, to the kids school, or on your way to work… not to the new restaurant you were trying to find.  That’s the ‘bad’ autopilot.  I recently got to experience a ‘good’ kind of autopilot.

Silence is our friend and I’ve recently discovered how much.  I have always done a lot of driving and I’m quite happy to leave the radio off.  Recently I’ve begun listening to Hannel or my own recordings when I’m alone and driving.  More frequently now, especially on short trips, I’ll just leave everything off, go through my affirmations (do it now, I can Be…, I am Whole…), 7-Laws, G+R, then just crawl into my DMP.  On a recent 8 hour drive, between Virginia Beach and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I must have spent a solid 6 hours “living” in my DMP.

Amazing!  Both in how fast it makes the trip go and how much detail you can add when it’s the place that your mind wanders to.  Something is definitely getting through to my ‘subby’.  Every color and shape around me brings me back to some part of my DMP.  Everything that happens on the road gives me another reason to express gratitude or practice some other trait of my “whole, perfect,…” future self.

Law of dual thought – “Ugh… what a long drive, but I’ll be in my DMP, YAY!”

Law of substitution – Car cuts you off….back to your DMP


Wow!  What a great trip this is!  I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am mine.




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