Week-6 Following My Compass


Week 6 has been AWESOME!  I am the “Olive Tree” again.  Lots going on, but managing to keep up… mostly.  My DMP Movie Poster isn’t quite finished yet.  My 12 year-old daughter wants to help me put it together and her dance schedule has been holding that up a bit.  I have my pictures and shapes ready to go, so after she gets home from school today, we get to “Do It Now!”

Following my own compass is easy, I actually owned one already.  Land Navigation is one of the courses I teach.  Trying to pay less attention to the watch is a little more difficult, too many years of living by it, I suppose.

I’m managing to keep most of my opinions to myself.  I am really starting to realize how many REALLY OPINIONATED people are out there.  I’m not ‘chiming-in’ very often when one of my friends starts.  I usually end it with a smile or nod of acknowledgement that I actually heard him and just didn’t respond.

Easier to love difficult people this week, even personalities that seemed intent on stealing my bliss.  I’m finding it much easier to be thankful, grateful for …… well, just about everything.  If traffic slows me down on the way to my daughter’s dance class, I’m grateful for the extra time that I have with her.  If red lights stop me in my travels, I’m thankful for the red circle that reminds me of my PPN, DMP, Services, and everything else helping to keep me on track.  I’m even grateful for the negative thoughts that pop into my head (much less frequently now), since it gives me a chance to practice attaching a different feeling to it or entirely replacing it with a positive thought, usually DMP or Family related.

The coolest thing this week… Talking about the course and my DMP with my 19 year old son.  He can see and feel my excitement.  He gets excited right along with me and he wants to do the course next year.  I will be thrilled when each of my kids have gone through it.  I want them all to have that 30+ year head-start, compared to my start, on finding their bliss.  If I’m lucky, my 3 eldest will all do it next year, with my youngest following a few years later.

I’ve been chatting with the “guy in the glass”, we seem to be getting along.  The more I talk to him, the more certain I am that we will become fast friends.  Real friends call you on it, if you are falling short somewhere and he is always happy to do that for me.  I’m certain that he will help keep me on track too.



Week-5 Otherwise known as Week-(#*$&%^ (How’s that for an opinion?)

My blog, My opinion.  That’s what the blog is for, right?  My subjective observations….. Sorry Mark, Davene, and Trish.

Week-4 this wasn’t.  Week-4 was busy and awesome.  Finally cheering myself and my “subby”.

Week-5 has been a kick in my “twig and berries”.  Lots of new/additional work this week, that I should have been able to handle.  I’m fairly sure I would have handled it reasonably well, had it not been for an exceptionally abrasive outside issue I’ve had to “Do it now!” deal with.

Have you ever had to deal with a toxic personality?  Mark and Davene told me that I had to “Love” this person, as my way of dealing with the negativity he injected into my life.  It took 3-days just to purge my mind sufficiently, so that I could begin to think of a way to love this human.  Then, a day later, it hit me, love him as a child, a child who has misbehaved.  Love him with ‘Tough love”.  Show him how he erred, so that he might become a positive part of the world again.  Leave that as his choice.

So for a total o 4-days, the best (my honest best) I could manage was daily Og, DMP, BPB, MK+S, G+R, LotM, Do it now, I can be, and my cards.     By Wednesday last week, my blog was posted and I had already accomplished another small part of my DMP.  This week, No writing at all, until this (Friday) afternoon.  Only a few pages of “Compensation” read.  I have most of my Press Release done, but I don’t know how to create the tab on my WordPress MasterKey blog to post it.

Last week I was an “Olive Tree”.  This week I was reminded what it was like to have “lived as an onion plant.  It has not pleased me!”.  As the coming weeks will show, I am once again the Olive Tree.  I am once again GREAT.

Week-4 Master Key 100% week…. Really?


This is my 1st of 24 (remaining) 100% weeks.  After last week’s insanity, this week has been a breath of fresh air.  I’m not really sure what changed.  I’m still working long days, but somehow I’m finding time to do MORE than the minimum.  Little bits of time keep appearing where I can do a bit of reading, read my cards, focus on my DMP, and just sit and be clear-headed.  Did I manifest that?  Or just adjust a few more of my priorities?  Is there a difference?

I don’t think it matters, IT’S WORKING!!!

To be completely honest, I didn’t believe it when Mark J said time would just appear in 3-4 weeks, but it DID!  I stand humbled in his foresight.  I probably “Do it now!” a couple hundred times everyday. That and “I can be, what I will to be.” are now staples of every drive i make.  I expect the “Giving and Receiving” promises to join them, after I get them memorized. of course.   I’m doing a couple of SITs almost daily now, once with the current set of Master Keys and once with one of the previous sets.

I’m really trying to make up the time that I couldn’t find those first 3 weeks.  To be completely honest, I fell short on several of my assignments during my “adjustment period”.  The SITs and reading my cards were my biggest shortfalls.  I’m just now realizing what I missed.  Thankfully, the requirements of my previous life prepared me well for the SIT.  That time is now one of my favorite parts of the day.   (I keep adding to it, a couple of minutes at a time)

So this week…well…i’m still trying to figure out this web blog thing for another page, that one is part of an obsession tied to my DMP, so I guess I better get it figured out soon.  Once I figure it out, i’ll let you know.  You might find it humorous reading.

Good luck, stay focused, and enjoy the journey.

Week-3 Late, but not letting it go

“One of those weeks, just let it go”.  That was my old blueprint talking.  Yes, it’s true I did have multiple 12 hour plus work days, legal matters to attend to, and family responsibilities, but dammit, this is important!

But lets look at those….(yes I can say it now)…..old blueprint excuses.  The 12+hours at work, do I need to do it?  For a little while longer the answer is YES.  I’m an independent security and counter-terrorism specialist, so I work when (and where) the work is available.  Other opportunities are out there, though “I must practice the art of patience, for nature acts never in haste.”

The legal matters were just something that needed to be dealt with, finished, and put behind me.  DONE and DONE!!!  Joyous over the completion of that “Service”, even if it wasn’t on my service card.  Seriously, it had been hanging around for literally years.  I guess “Do it now!” got me doing it.

Time with my kids is my happy time, responsibility or not.  Shopping and other errands with my boys, taking my youngest daughter to dance, going to a movie with my older daughter, yes, it cost me hours, but that time is not negotiable.  Now I seem to be spending more of my time with them talking about this Master Keys journey I’m on.  I’m hoping to get some of them started on theirs next year.  It would be nice for them to enjoy a 30+ year head-start on creating their ideal life.  “When we Know better, we Do better”

So week-3 with the Master Keys was interesting for me, if somewhat time-constrained.  I realized that I needed to (obsessed over really) add an additional component to my DMP.  Over the course of the edits, trying to keep it under 400 words, I realized that i had lost something.  A great deal of the feeling I experienced had disappeared.  I noticed that, while my DMP supported my PPNs, the vast majority of it came close, but missed the target.

I want FREEDOM.  Not just for myself, but for everyone.  Free minds, freedom of thought, freedom of action.  So that’s the piece I was missing.  I put it in this week.  I bought a URL  And my week-4 service will find me trying to spread freedom to anyone willing to open their mind to the possibility.

Guess what?  The FEELING is back and it’s AWESOME!!!!!

Spartan Super Finisher

Prepping for week three

As I read through the this weeks material before the webinar, a quote from Frank Herbert, in his book “Dune” seems particularly applicable.  I have read it many times, but it has been many years, so please forgive any inaccuracies…

“Fear is the mind-killer.  Fear is the little death that brings on total obliteration.  I will face my fear.  I will let it pass through me and around me, and when it has passed I will turn the inner-eye to see the path of fear.  Where fear has been there will be nothing, only I will remain.”

Just sharing a thought, have a great day


Week Two – Finding the game trail

Well, here I am, coming to the end of my second week with the Master Keys, and I’m happy to report that I found the “game trail”.  As it turns out, this part of it is marked with blue rectangles, blue coffee cups, blue highway signs……

Focus and task completion is coming a little easier.  My time is still very tight with 12 hour+ workdays and still trying to make time for my kids, but at least I don’t feel quite the same overwhelm as last week.  My reading habit (Og, DMP, BPB) is coming along nicely and my already clear picture of my future is coming in to even sharper focus.  I am still slipping in some places.  My scheduling still needs work.  I miss, then try to play catch-up with some of my daily assignments.  DO IT NOW!!!!  I am starting to put habits in-place that help me get it done.  I was the worlds worst procrastinator.  Now, I seem to be chipping away at that bad habit.  Does anyone else find things that they want to fix in their lives that they want to add-in to “Scroll 1”?  Patience is what I keep telling myself.

I wonder… has anyone else had the feeling of “it’s a memory that is happening in the future”?  It simply doesn’t feel like a wish, a want, some type of plan, or possibility to me.  The feeling is “real”, something that has already happened or is in the process of happening.

When I first wrote my DMP, I didn’t realize it at the time, it contained all 7 PPNs, with a little more focus on some than others, but they were all obviously there.  After last weeks webinar, I was asked to just narrow it to my two (2) primary PPN’s.  When I first did that, I felt SELFISH!  It took a couple of days to sink-in, but I finally realized (could feel) what was said in the webinar was true.  “FOCUS ON THE TWO PRIMARIES AND ALL OF THE REST WILL FOLLOW”.  So the the feeling of selfishness and guilt is gone.  When I read my DMP I know that actualizing (manifesting) my two primary PPN’s will bring all of the others to life as well.

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Have fun, stay safe,


Dennis Rocky Mountains Cropped

Week One – My Master Keys Adventure Begins

I’ve found a hole in the underbrush …. Well, it’s a start.

Now I can start looking for the game trail…..that will lead me to the path…….that will lead me to the road…..that will get me to the runway….that will finally allow me to GET OFF THE GROUND!!!

Only 98 hours ago I tuned in to watch a little webinar, and over the course of those 98 hours, Ive had a handful of little epiphanies.  Things keep popping into my head that I’d never really considered before.  Things I will do.  Things I need to stop doing.  The bad habits that need to go away and the good ones I want in their places.  Not just those suggested by the readings, I now KNOW that all of those things I’ve wanted to attain are within my grasp.  But the strange things are those I’ve never even considered doing  before, which are beginning to take on some form of importance in my future.

I’ll keep you apprised about how things progress.

This may not be  much to begin with….but it’s a start!  My hole in the underbrush.

Have fun,

Stay safe,


Blue sky

You have to find the runway, before you can get off the ground